SUGITOH Handy Micrometer

ไมโครมิเตอร์แบบพกพา ยี่ห้อ SUGITOH



This micrometer is installed with illumination and battery. As you can observe the object with erected image, you can handle object easier.

With multi-lighting function, you have a choice of different illumination to observe the object with the best illumination method.

Easy to carry and easy to handle.

Application: Inspect of PCB, electrical parts, metal parts, printing surface, etc.

Part No. Optical
Field of View Min. Scale Measurering
TS-HM-25 25X 7.2mm 0.05mm 5.0mm
TS-HM-60 60X 3.0mm 0.02mm 2.0mm
TS-HM-120 120X 1.8mm 0.01mm 1.0mm




Multi-LED lighting function installed
In order to observe the object at different work distance and different surface texture, you have a choice of light to turn on from different direction. 9 bright LED will illuminate 3 by 3.
Erected image You can observe the object with erected image by using roof prism.
Built-In Precision Scale (at Eyepiece Barrel)
As it is installed in the eyepiece lens, it will not bother 3-D object.
  • It can attach to USB Camera by Optional dedicated adaptor.
    The magnification is about 5× of Above Optical Magnification using 15″ Monitor.
  • With U-1/4″ Camera Thread and Easy to Install Optional Camera Stand.


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