Otsuka Boreloupe

ชุดเลนส์ขยายสำหรับส่องรู รอยลึก ยี่ห้อ Otsuka


Loupe for checking LED/Groove/Inside wall – BORELOUPE

     Special loupe for visually checking stop holes and deep grooves for burrs, flaws, and foreign matter.


  • BORELOUPE is an illuminated loupe consisting of two lens, and LED light source, and half mirror.
  • Since the coaxial lighting optical system is employed, BORELOUPE can light up the parts which cannot lit up and are difficult to check with an ordinary illuminated or an illuminated loupe.
  • A bright white LED is used as the light source and the line magnification of the loupe lens can be switched between 2X and 3X.
  • The dust prevention cover is installed to the objective lens end and the protection cover is installed to the upper lens.
  • There are two types of the stand; Model F of free arm type and Model ST in which horizontal bar is jointed to vertical bar.

     In the past, microscopes or borescopes of incident illumination type or endoscopes have been used for checking of the above parts, but they are not easy to use in the mass production workshops for various reasons. BORELOUPE is a suitable loupe for all check of stop holes or deep grooves in the mass production workshops.

     Try BORELOUPE to reduce the cost and man-hours and improve quality.


Common Specifications
  • Lens magnification:  Switchable between 2X and 3X (Line magnification)
  • Effective diameter:  40 mm (Glass lens)
  • Light source:  LED light
  • Input voltage:  AC100V-240V 50/60 Hz (Plug type A)
  • Power consumption:  3W



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