AIKOH Push-Pull Gauge

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Model RZ Series


RZ Series

  • Easy Reading Display
  • Auto Power off function
  • USB Output
  • Analog Output (±2V F.S.)
  • Multi Power Supply (100 to 240V)
  • Usable time: Approx. 30 hours after full charging



Model RZ-1 RZ-2 RZ-5 RZ-10 RZ-20 RZ-50 RZ-100
Maximum load  10N
Min. Display unit 0.001N 0.01N 0.1N
Measurement Unit  N, Kgf (gf), Lbf selectable
Accuracy Within ±0.2%FS
Display update interval  1, 2, 5, 10, 20 times/sec. selectable
Sampling frequency  1, 5, 16, 50, 125 & 250 ms selectable
Display  LCD, Signed 5-digits, Main characters height 16.4 mm, Sub-characters height 4.7 mm, Battery remaining charge alarm, Measurement units, Up/Down reversible display, Overload alarm, Peak-hold mode
Weight  Approx. 375 g
Attachments  aikoh-rz-series-attach
Size  W68 x D40 X H232 mm


Model RX-FL Series


The RX-FL series measures the peak values, bottom values, click values, etc. of silicone rubber and dome switches in a single sequence of operation. It has a large screen and stores measured data in memory, which may be printed out or output to a PC after measurement. Software FL-2005 is optional

Model Load Display
RX-FL-1 1kgf (10N) 0.1gf (10,000N)
RX-FL-2 2kgf (20N) 1gf (20.00N)


Standard Specifications

 Measurement Unit kg (or N or lb) 
 Measurement item  Peak value, bottom value, click and click ratio 
 Accuracy  ±0.2%FS 
 Sampling frequency  5ms, (100 Hz) 
 Display  6-digits LCD, 44×44 mm 
 A/D converter  16 bit, 100 Hz 
 CPU in use  16-bit single chip CPU 
 Analog output  ±2 V/FS
 Communication output  RS232C, 38400 bps 
 Printer output  SANEI Thermal Printer, MITUTOYO DIGIMATIC output 
 GO/NG judgment LED indication and data output 
 Stand connection output Overload, zero reset, external input display hold contact 
 Battery life Approx. 12 hours 
 Use temperature 0 to 40 °C 
 Weight Approx. 450g 
 Power Source NiCd, AC adapter 
 Standard Accessories aikoh-rz-series-attach 


Analog output cable RX-OP-1
RS232C Cable RX-OP-2
Cable for MITUTOYO printer RX-OP-3
External control cable RX-OP-5
Software (include RX-OP-2) FL-2005


 Model FTN1-13A/500



This is an integrated load tester with a built-in amplifier for the compression and tensile load tests up to 200 kgf (2kN). Two measurement speeds are available according to the local cell capacity (300 mm/min. for 50 kgf, and 125mm/min. for 200 kgf). A rotary encoder is 7-segment LEDs are in use for data display. A software program is provided as the standard for easy tester operation and result output. 


  • The maximum allowable test load is 200 kgf regardless of its compact size.
  • Two measuring speeds 5 to 3000 mm/min (50 kgf) and 5 to 125 mm/min (200 kgf) are provided.
  • Compression, tension, and breakdown tests are possible.
  • The resolution is high at 0.1 N for the load test and 0.01 mm for displacement.
  • The power supply is 100 VAC to 240 VAC for worldwide users.
  • Simply operable personal computer software is provided as the standard.
  • The load cell allows 3-ch calibration. (Optional feature)


Standard Specifications

Model  FTN1-13A/500 FTN1-13A/2000 
Maximum Load (FS)   50 kgf (500N) 200 kgf (2 kN) 
Maximum speed range   5 to 300 mm/min  5 to 125 mm/min
Moving speed range (inching & return)   5 to 300 mm/min  
Speed resolution   0.1 mm/min  
Resolution  Load  5000-display  4-digit display
2000-display  4-digit or 5-digit display
1000-display   4-digit or 5-digit display
Displacement  0.01 mm  
Precision  Load ±0.2% F.S.
Displacement ±0.1%
Driving block Motor type Stepping motor
Motor control system Pulse
Applicable load cell UP series, M-3000 series (to 200 kgf)  
Displacement source Rotary encoder  
Input/Output Digital input/output Communication command control
Analog input/output Load (±10 V/10 bits)
Table size Approx. 174 x 200 mm
Emergency stop Installation on main body, driving block power off
Weight Approx. 40 kg
Size 300 W x 820 H x 400 D mm
Power source 100 to 240 VAC, 3A, 50/60 Hz



Model FTN-13A/500, 2000
Measurement start trigger Load/displacement (LV setting available)
Comparator Load (return/stop, with a setting)
Displacement (return/stop, with a setting)
Automatic zeroing Upon receiving measurement start trigger
Manual zero return Zero resetting by key operation
Break down Breaking position detection
Detection sensitivity settable
Automatic return Comparator/hardware limit (with speed setting)
Data detection Measurement positive peak protection (load/displacement) 
Measurement negative peak protection (load/displacement) 
Turn-back point (load/displacement) 
Measurement starting point (trigger position) (load/displacement)  
Automatic repetition of measurement 1 to 999999 times
Data output USB connection 


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