Karl Storz Flexible Endoscopes

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Flexible endoscopes, the so-called flexoscopes, are used for industrial endoscopy when the inspection space in only accessible via an idirect route. Karl Storz flexoscopes with diameters ranging from 0.5 mm to 12 mm and various working lengths are suitable for all applications. Very sharp, evenly illuminated images enable the detection of even the smallest dust to the high number of pixel provided by the fiber optic light transmission guide.


Product Features
  • Eyepiece focussing

  • Robust and smooth plastic or metal (wolfram) outer coating

  • Temperature resistance up to 80 °C


DiameterTip DefectionLengthView angle
2.4 mm90º/90º90º/90º890 mm80º
2.5 mm180º/90º890-1200 mm80º
2.6 mm180º/90º890-1200 mm80º
3.5 mm180º/90º350-1800 mm100º
4.2 mm180º/90º350-1800 mm100º
5 mm180º/180º120º/120º1000-1800 mm70º
9 mm180º/180º120º/120º1000-1800 mm90º
12 mm180º/180º120º/120º1000-1800 mm 90º

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