Karl Storz Endovision®TELECAM® DX C-Mount

Digital Single-Chip Camera

The Endovision® DX C-mount video camera allows you to control your imaging system at the touch of abutton. The two function keys located on the camera head ensure quick access for control of all camera functions and peripheral units. The function keys are easily programmed for simple operation of white balance, control gain, and exposure control. High resolution ccd camera from Karl Storz, offer high quality image with bright and sharp. With large filed of view, allow user to observe speciment effectively.


Special features:
  • High horizontal image resolution of more than 450 lines
  • Automatic white balance with memory function for 2 settings
  • Compatible with S-VHS, FBAS
  • Integrated world power supply
  • Can be adapted directly to an operating microscope
  • Large depth of field
  • Bright image
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all Camera Control Units of KARL STORZ Endovision®
Focusing Adaptor :


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