Karl Storz Endovision® DCI® Endoscopic System


Digital Single-Chip Camera – Color Systems PAL, NTSC available with or without Integrated Digital Image Processing Module

The KARL STORZ Endovision® DCI® Endoscopic System is another innovative component in the product line of the digital single-chip TELECAM® video camera. The revolutionary DCI® coupling mechanism allows the camera head to be connected to the DCI® endoscope telescope in a simple, quick and safe way.

Special features:
  • Optimal single hand use via ergonomically designed camera head
  • Optimal weight-counterbalanced endoscopic system for long testing periods and fast cycle times


The ergonomically optimized alignment of the two programmable function keys enables quick access for single-handed control of all important functions. Fully compatible with the TELECAM® product line, the Endovision® DCI® Endoscopic System allows for direct control of camera functions via control buttons on the camera head such as white balance, digital contrast enhancement, exposure control, and via suitable interfaces control of peripheral units

endovision-DCI-sub1 endovision-DCI-sub2

DCI Endoscope Specification :


DiameterLengthView angleField of view
1 mm200 mm70º
2 mm200, 250, 350 mm70º
3.3 mm250 mm0º 30º 45º70º
4 mm175 mm0º 30º 70º100º 

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