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Material Plus V. 4.1 is a comprehensive solution of all Micro graphic methods used to test metal and their products. The wizard (modules) available are confirming all equivalent national & international methods. The available wizards are :


ASTM E-112, E-930, E-1181, ISO 643-03, JIS G 0551-05 BS 490 DIN 643-03, IS-4748-88, SIS 111101 GOST 5639-82.Determine feritic and austenitic Grain Size in Steel. The available methods are :

  1. Automatic & Semi automatic Lineal Heyn Intercept method.
  2. Jeffries Planimetric Method
  3. Automatic and Semiautomatic Snyder and Graff Open Scale Intercept Method
  4. Comparison Method
  5. ALA Grain Size.
  6. Selected Grain Size
  7. Manual Count etc.


ASTM A247, ISO 9451-1, DIN EN 945-94, BIS 7754 JIS G5504, IS-7754. Flakes occuring in Cast Iron are designated by Form (by Roman no. I to VI) Distribution (designated by capital letter A to E) and Size (designated by Arabic no 1 to 8).


ASTM ISO 2639-02, BS-6479-84, IS-6416-88 JIS G0557 DIN 50790. The test determine the depth of hardened surface under low magnification by measuring the distance from the surface to the point shaving a different coloration towards core.


Pores in casting are estimated and reported on the basis of intensity. The percentage is calculated.


ASTM E-1245 E ASTM E45-97, ISO 4163-82, DIN 50602. The wizard determine contents of Non-metallic. Inclusion in rolled or forged steel products. According to ASTM, expression of results are in Group A, B, C, D along with segmentation of thick/thin and its severity level.


ASTM A 247-67, ISO-9451-1, IS-7754 DIN E 945-94, JIS G5504, BIS 7754 JIS G5504. Nodules (spheroidal Graphite in Cast Iron) are separated from Non Nodules on predefined spheroidicity. Nodules/Sqmm are calculate and on the basis of its size and it is designed by Arabic no. 1 to 8 according to ASTM & ISO standards.


ASTM E1077, ISO 3887, JIS-0557-98 BS-6617-1, IS-7754 DIN 50192. The depth of decarburization in unalloyed and low alloy steel is determined by Micro graphic Method. Depth of Partial, total and complete decarburization is reported separately

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